About P92 RDI International

P92 RDI International is driven by our passion for creativity, technology and agriculture

Technology + agriculture = better quality, more products, lower costs, higher revenue

P92 RDI International is a software development company. Our primary aim is intelligent problem solving and the development of novel applications to help our partners be one step ahead of the agricultural market.

We bring a fresh approach to agricultural product & software solutions and utilize all the experience
we’ve gained along the way.

We are the research and development division of your organization

Révész utca 27.

P92 RDI International is a consulting and near shore development company, member of the MOON42 Group.

We act as we were part of your organization.
We follow your work patterns, adapt to your workflow so that our working together can be the smoothest possible.

We support your company's business goals and bring new technologies and fresh design patterns in your products and services.

The management

CMO | Managing Director | Partner

László Szabó

CTO | Managing Director | Partner

Krisztián Garai

Business Development Manager | Partner

Gayan Vindika

CSO | Managing Director | Partner

Azwer Mansoor

Chief Operating Officer

Péter Ormai

Business Analyst |
Lead Developer

Andras Hrubi

Office Manager

Andrea Lovász

Art Director

Emőke Lőrincz